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DuPont™ Non-Stick

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    DuPont™ Non-Stick is an advanced, dry film lubricant. It's 100% oil-free and dry-to-the-touch. Formulated with Non-Stick Ceramic Technology and proprietary surface bonding technology for enhanced performance. Non-Stick has a wide operating temperature range from 480°F / 249°C to -100°F / -73°C.



    • Dry, clean oil-free lubricant

    • Repels dust, grit and grime

    • Protects metal, plastic, rubber

    • Works in extreme conditions

    • Reduces sliding friction

    • Bonds to all surfaces

    • Extreme pressure durability

    • Professional grade



    • Chains, gears, cables and bearings

    • Valves, shafts, tracks, slides

    • Hinges, locks, fasteners, cutting blades 

    • Sliding surfaces and bulb threads

    • Gaskets, seals, rollers and sleeves

    • Plastic gears, ropes and drive belts

    • Mold release and precision equipment

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