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  • What are safe operating temperatures for DuPont™ Non-Stick?
    DuPont™ Non-Stick Dry Film Lubricant has a safe operating temperature range of 480°F / 249°C to -100°F / -73°C.
  • What are the advantages of drip bottle lubricants?
    DuPont™ 4oz/120ml drip bottle lubricants come complete with a precision applicator tip. Lubricant can be applied one drop at a time, or with a precision stream. Drip bottles are easy to stow away when traveling and they avoid messy overspray and waste. Our drip bottles are made from PET plastic making them easy to recycle.
  • Can DuPont™ Chain-Saver be used without a straw?
    While we recommend using the straw for more accurate application, DuPont™ Chain-Saver aerosol products can be easily applied to your chain without the use of a straw.

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