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DuPont™ Multi-Use

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    DuPont™ Multi-Use provides exceptional performance and redefines how multi-purpose lubricants should be formulated. It is extremely versatile and long lasting across a wide range applications. It is an ideal hoice when lubricating metal-to-metal parts for household and worksite applications. Trusted by professionals across North America it delivers superor corrosion control, even in salt air environments with long re-lubrication intervals. It operates from 300°F / 149°C to -20°F / -29°C.



    • Ideal for household/worksite

    • Long-lasting performance

    • Long-term rust protection

    • Releases sticking parts

    • Withstands high pressure

    • Reduces friction

    • O-Ring safe

    • Silicone free



    • Garage doors 

    • Hinges 

    • Locks and latches 

    • Metal windows 

    • Sliding doors and gates 

    • Chains and cables 

    • Threaded parts 

    • Hand tools 

    • Power equipment 

    • Wood surfaces 

    • Fitness equipment 

    • Motorbikes 

    • Bicycles 

    • Vehicles

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