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What is Non-Stick Ceramic Technology?

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

Non-stick Ceramic Technology is the next generation for high performance, fluoro-free, boundary lubrication. Nano-ceramic boron nitride particles embed themselves in the asperities of frictional surfaces to reduce friction even in extreme conditions.

It works synergistically with base ingredients to deliver both improved performance and significant reduction in wear over long re-lubrication intervals.

(* Please note: Do not apply lubricant while saw is in use)

Why is Non-Stick Ceramic Technology so important?

• Extends lubricant life

• Increases the extreme pressure capability of the lubricant

• Delivers a lower coefficient of friction and enhanced lubricity

• Increases the operating temperature range of the lubricant

• Improves water resistance

• Enhances chemical resistance

• Reduces surface wear to help extend the life of parts

• Helps reduce dirt build-up

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