DuPont™ Grunge Brush™

The DuPont™ Grunge Brush™ is specifically designed to clean and remove abrasive contaminants on chains and other parts on motorcycles, ATVs, dirt bikes and go-karts. With adjustable bristle blocks, it can adapt to nearly any chain width. It’s also easy to use. Simply dip or spray the chain or part with DuPont™ Motorcycle Degreaser and then scrub until clean.

  • U-shaped head to clean chains
  • Long bristles to clean hard-to-reach places
  • Super-durable, impact-resistant frame


  • Motorcycle, ATV and go-kart chains (O-ring safe and no fling-off)
  • Garage and overhead door chains, springs, rollers and tracks
  • Cables
  • Industrial chains (forklifts, conveyors, stackers, etc.)